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Data Contract

Data Protection Statement

• We will only use your (Including your Child/ren) personal information to provide childcare services to you.

• We would like to send you updates around your child’s learning through email, phone, newsletters, iConnect and social media sites however we will need to have your signed permission to do so, to ensure we are following data protection and sharing acts.

• The Early Years Foundation Stage (Welfare Requirements) Regulation 2012 state that information around children and guardians’ personal data is legal required to be collected by the setting.

• This form will state which information collected is mandatory and which can be provided voluntarily. All data will be protected using the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR guidelines. We will ensure that any data collected through the nursery is only used for the purpose stated through-out the forms. We will ensure to inform about how the data will be used, who will be able to access any data collected and how it will be stored in a safe and secure system. All Policies and Procedures which belong to Old MacDonald’s Day Nursery and Preschool can be provided upon request from parents and carers prior to starting at the setting. Alternatively, Policies and Procedures will be held within the nursery reception for reference. If you have any further questions around the information stated within this contract, please feel free to ask Chelsea Webb or Jarred McGuire around any data collection methods. The information collected will only be shared with OFSTED, Local Authorities or Safeguarding teams when required by law and you will be informed when data is shared with the third parties.

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