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Children playing outside a wooden house

                            On Arrival

As you arrive to begin the day you will enter through our secure door which has monitored access, to be met with warm, familiar and friendly faces.


Your child will join the other children in their groups. Each area of the setting has been designed to cover all stages of development for the children.

 Healthy lunchtime foods for children_edited.jpg

Lunch Time

We offer a wide variety of food and snacks to the children while they attend the nursery. Our menu has been made to reflect foods from around the world as we are a diverse setting.


At the end of everyday, your child’s Key Worker will tell you all about your child's day at nursery, so you’ll know what they have eaten and how much they have drank, how long they have slept for and what activities they have done and enjoyed the most. We want you to feel like you haven't missed any part of their day.
Working from Home

Parent Zone

We all know how busy life can be, all parents will have access to our ParentZone app which allows you to view your child's daily activities, progress and milestones at anytime, anywhere.

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