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Our Fees are simple..... No Hidden costs.


Fees per hour

£5.70 - Toddler

£5.60 Preschool


Session times:

8-1(5 hours)

8-2 (6 hours)

8-4 (8 hours)

8-6 (10 hours)


Consumable Costs;

This is applies to all funded sessions, Included are food, Nappies, Wipes, Sun cream and Art supplies. 

Ask at our office for more details




Nappies and wipes


Art Supplies


9-3 (6 hours)

9-4 (7 hours)

9-5 (8 hours)

9-6 (9 hours)


We offer both Stretched funding and Term Time Only funding

Fees and Funding

Amazing, new nursery to the town! Very friendly and welcoming staff, a lovely environment for all!

Shannon Bird

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