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Terms and Conditions


  • Open 51 weeks of the year

  • Open 8am - 6pm 5 days a week.

  • Accepting 2-year-olds to 5-year-olds

  • Registration fees £50

We ask all parents

  • That any information provided by the parents to the setting is accurate and correct.

  • You inform the setting around any medical needs or SEND needs through the application process so we can adapt to any needs and provide quality care to all children.

  •  Inform the setting ASAP about any contagious diseases that your child has contracted so we can deal with any concerns which may put other children at risk.

  • Inform the nursery about any delays that may stop you from picking up or dropping off a child on time, Fees will apply for repeated lateness

  • Any safeguarding issues that may be affecting the health and wellbeing of the child, so we can monitor and support all children.

  •  We ask that no physical or verbal abuse towards staff is displayed by parents, if any issues regarding attitudes to practitioners are risen termination of your contract could be considered.

  • If a parent has attended the setting within 6 months prior to probing or recruiting current staff, there will be a fee of £2,000 to ensure we can replace and recruit a staff member of suitable experience.

Promises to you from Old Macdonald’s Staff and Nursery

  • Mobile phones – Staff will never have a personal mobile device on their person at any time while working within the rooms. Staff’s phones will be locked away in a safe in our office and will be monitored by management to ensure, no phones are removed.

  • Off premises visits – all off premises visits will be informed to parents in advance and there will be no cases where the children leave the building without consent from the parents and guardians.

  • Complaints – complaints and concerns can be addressed through forms provided by management on request, as well as face to face conversations with management to ensure that any issues are resolved as so as possible.

  • Nut Free Setting – due to the raising numbers of children suffering with nut allergies, Old MacDonald’s promise to be a Nut Free setting, we also ask parents to ensure no creams or sun creams containing Nuts are applied to children before attending the setting.

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